Miik Green – 27 August 2011

Miik Green
Sexy Blobs

Facilitated by Merrick Belyea

Sat 27 August 11am.
Linton and Kay Contemporary
123 Hay Street, Subiaco

David Bromfield, Cynthia Ellis, Kyle Hughes-Odgers, Renae Coles, Brad Ladyman and Benjamin Forster.

Tom Freeman – 23 July 2011

Tom Freeman
18th & 19th Century Prisoner Art
Sat 23 July 2pm – 4pm.

Facilitated by David Egan

The Museum of Natural Mystery
268 Charles St (entrance on View St)
North Perth

Miik Green, Patrick Miller, Benjamin Forster, Lyndall Adams, Andrew Varano, Gemma Weston, Andrew Purvis, Jamie Macchiusi and more.

Feedback etc acted as a fulfilling end to my exhibition. I was pleased that people put in the time and effort to look at and discuss my work in such depth, and this feedback acted to reinforce many elements of consideration within my practice as well as offering several new aspects and ideas to think about. – – – Tom Freeman

Jackson Eaton – 11 June 2011

Jackson Eaton
The Third Wheel
29 May – 12 June 2011
Shenton St, Northbridge WA

Facilitated by Kate McMillan

Miik Green, Minaxi May, Benjamin Forster, Sarah Rowbottam, Marco Pablo and Ben Acree.

The Feedback Etc… session held for my recent installation work The Third Wheel was incredibly beneficial and worthwhile. Independently putting on shows often leaves you feeling deflated and with little sense of conclusion contrary to expectations. Having other artists really interrogate the work in a supportive environment allowed me to examine whether my intentions for the work came across and also inspired ideas for developments of the work and future projects. Not having gone through art school the opportunity to receive feedback was invaluable, and the model of the artist being very much a listener in the process I think is really unique and serves to connect and strengthen a community of artists in Perth. – – – Jackson Eaton

Clare Davies – 4 June 2011

Clare Davies
Island Life
6 May – 4 June 2011
VENN Gallery
16 Queen St, Perth

Facilitated by Benjamin Forster

Renae Coles, Caitlin Yardley, Betty Poulsen, Minaxi May, Perdita Philips, Lauren Brown, Ryan Nazzari, Lesley Munro and Desi Litis.

Benjamin Forster – 15 May 2011

Benjamin Forster
25 Mar – 15 May 2011
Fremantle Arts Centre

Facilitated by Gemma Weston

Andrew Varano, Sohan Ariel Hayes, Lauren Brown, Perdita Phillips, Minaxi May, Jackson Eaton, Renae Coles, Ric Spencer, and Jamie Macchiusi


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