express interest

Expressions of interest for feedback sessions are directed to the feedback etc… administrator at (The administrator at this time is Benjamin Forster)

Expressions of Interest are received at any time.

The form the feedback session is to take is controlled by the applicant.
The applicant can decide:

> session facilitator,

> feedback model,

> form of work presented, i.e. finished exhibition or work in progress,

> number of people in attendance,

> specific people requested to be in attendance, and so on.

Date for, location and format of feedback session are decided upon discussion between Administrator and Applicant.

(optional) Each feedback session can include an opportunity to reflect on the structure of the session itself, in order that future participants can determine the best model.

Feedback etc… is open to creative practitioners who are interested in developing critical arts practices within Perth. For obvious reasons we are unable to provide feedback to artists that are currently enrolled in academic programs.
If you are interested in receiving feedback or simply participating in the discussion, please email us at